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Enjoy the most realistic football you've ever seen with FIFA 14.

The world of football will once again sneak into your PC with the 2014 edition of FIFA. You can try it yourself thanks to this demo of FIFA 14 offered to you as a free download. But be careful, because it comes loaded with new stuff, almost all related to the new obsession of this FIFA 14: the quest for the greatest realism possible in football simulation.

And things to note are that in this new FIFA 14 there are many, too many to list them all, but by way of example, you can't miss the new FIFA 14 precision movements: now every bit counts, and players can step on the ball, rotate, cut back or kick with the same agility as real players; movements also made to protect the ball and, of course, the shooting in FIFA 14 allows players to adapt their stride and the angle of shot, to find the best position from which to put the ball in the net.

These changes also are supplemented in FIFA 14 with a better understanding of your AI teammates controlled by FIFA 14, which will make decisions according to their position in the field and their characteristics, and now offers more ferocious marking that's more logical, and improved monitoring of opponents. This, coupled with realistic ball physics in FIFA 14, which determines its trajectory, now allows players to hit the ball hard from afar or throw in accurately, so you can begin to imagine what you can do now with the ball at your feet in FIFA 14. Find out now!


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